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After a fulfilling engineering career, it was time for change.  Growing up in a French-Canadian household, wine was always a topic of conversation.  So when in the spring of 2020 I found myself in wine country, I decided to use my wine training and work at a tasting room in Canada's Okanagan Valley. 

This eventually led me to the Wine and Spirits Education Trust Diploma Program (WSET Level 4) at the Austrian Wine Academy in Rust, Austria and Tuscany, Italy.  Upon completion in August 2023, I became one of approximately 12,500 program graduates worldwide.  This is an achievement that I am extremely proud of. 

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My goal is to impart my wine knowledge to allow people to understand why they enjoy their favorite wines and allow them to fully explore the wine world.

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To transition from a fulfilling engineering career to a career as a wine consultant; Eveline completed the WSET Diploma Program at the Austrian Wine Academy in Rust, AT and Tuscany, IT. This makes her one of fewer than 13,000 graduates globally.